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What are the risks of overloading a hand pallet truck?

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Hand pallet trucks, when overloaded, can pose a series of risks that not only affect handling efficiency but also threaten the safety of operators and the stability of the equipment. The following are the main risks that overloading can cause:

Equipment damage: Overloading puts excessive pressure on the structure of hand pallet trucks, potentially leading to frame deformation, axle damage, or accelerated wear of mechanical components. These damages not only affect the equipment's lifespan but may also cause sudden failures during operation, resulting in accidents.

Reduced cargo stability: Overloading can decrease the stability of cargo on the pallet, increasing the risk of slipping or tipping during handling. This can not only result in cargo damage but also pose a risk of injury to operators or nearby individuals.
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Increased difficulty in operation: Overloaded hand pallet trucks are more difficult to maneuver, especially during turns or on inclines. This may lead to operational errors and increase the risk of collisions or tipping.

Risk of injury to personnel: Overloaded hand pallet trucks may be harder to control during operation, increasing the risk of operators being injured due to loss of control. Additionally, if cargo slips or tips over, it can also cause harm to operators or nearby individuals.

The risks associated with overloading hand pallet trucks cannot be ignored. To ensure safety and efficiency during handling, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the equipment's load capacity limits and avoid overloading.

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