Diding, as a

OEM Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer in China

, focuses on the R&D, production and sales of light and small storage handling vehicles, and provides customers with special material handling and stacking optimization solutions. Our main products include all-electric stackers, electric pallet trucks, counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, electric tractors, etc., and furthermore, we can customize various non-standard electric forklift products for customers according to their working conditions.
Our Product

Meticulous Selection For Top Grade Quality

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    Fast and considerate extension service

    The company has always adhered to the seamless docking service, carefully built an after-sales service team composed of technical backbones, implemented round-the-clock tracking services, conducted timely visits, exchanges and feedback to customers, and helped customers solve problems.

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    Continuous and reliable product supply

    The company's complete ERP system, well-structured sales and warehousing network, and efficient operating mechanism ensure that domestic orders are shipped within 24 hours, and foreign trade orders are shipped within one week.

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    Product cost performance and high gold content

    The company reduces production costs by strictly controlling procurement costs and implementing efficient production control; the professional R&D team and technical service team can continue to provide new products with higher cost performance.

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    Excellent and stable product quality

    Excellent production process design and program control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, obtain high-efficiency production control, and monitor the quality of each batch of products.


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