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How to avoid excessive shaking when operating a semi-electric table lift?

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When operating a semi electric table lift, in order to avoid excessive shaking, you can pay attention to the following points:

Placement and support: Make sure the table lift is placed flat on a solid, flat surface and the four legs should be firmly supported. If necessary, use sleepers or other supports to increase stability.

Balanced load: When placing goods on the table lift, attention should be paid to minimizing the load difference on both sides of the platform to prevent unbalanced loading. This ensures that the table lift is evenly stressed during the lifting process and reduces shaking.

Smooth operation: During the lifting process, the operator should control the lifting speed smoothly and avoid sudden lifting or emergency stops to reduce the shaking of the table lift.
SBD Semi-electric stacker
Inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the table lift to ensure that its various components are in good condition, especially key components such as legs, bearings, and transmission systems. Worn or faulty parts can cause the lift to wobble.

Environmental considerations: When working outdoors, if the wind is too strong, the operation should be stopped because strong winds may increase the shaking of the lift platform.

Through the above operation suggestions, the shaking of the semi electric table lift during operation can be effectively reduced, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operation. If the table lift shakes excessively during operation, stop using it immediately and check whether there is any problem with the relevant parts or whether they are placed unbalanced. Wait until the fault is repaired before using it again.

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