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Why does a semi-electric stacker choose hydraulic drive for lifting?

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The main reasons why semi-electric stackers choose hydraulic drive for lifting are as follows:
Powerful thrust torque meets heavy load requirements:
The hydraulic drive system transmits pressure through liquid and can generate huge thrust torque. This means that the semi-electric stacker can maintain stable lifting performance even when handling heavy loads. For warehouses and factories that require frequent handling of heavy objects, the hydraulic drive ensures that the lifting function of the stacker is not affected by excessive loads.

High speed range and precise lifting control:
The hydraulic transmission has a wide speed range, which allows the semi-electric stacker to adjust the lifting speed according to the work needs, and can either complete rapid lifting in a short time or achieve slow fine-tuning operations. Precise lifting control is crucial for scenarios that require precise placement of goods, such as placing goods in high-bay warehouses. The hydraulic drive method ensures that the stacker can achieve this high-precision lifting operation.

Overload protection and operation safety:
Hydraulic drive systems are usually equipped with devices such as safety valves and pressure limiting valves. These devices can automatically release pressure when the system pressure exceeds the set value, thereby avoiding equipment damage or personal injury caused by overload. In complex operating environments, this overload protection function provides additional safety for operators and reduces risks caused by operational errors or accidents.
SBD Semi-electric stacker
Compact structure and easy maintenance:
The components of the hydraulic drive system are generally compact, which allows them to be easily integrated into the structure of the semi-electric stacker without taking up too much space. The standardized and modular design of hydraulic components also facilitates maintenance and replacement. When a malfunction occurs, operators or maintenance personnel can quickly identify the problem and take appropriate repair measures.

High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection:
The hydraulic drive method has high energy conversion efficiency and can effectively convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, reducing energy loss. In today's society that pays attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, choosing hydraulic drive mode can also help reduce the energy consumption and emissions of semi-electric stackers, which meets the requirements of sustainable development.

With its excellent performance and stability, hydraulic drive provides strong support for the lifting function of semi-electric stackers, making it an ideal choice for efficiency and safety.

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