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How is a Manual Hydraulic Stacker typically designed, and what materials are commonly used in its construction?

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Manual hydraulic stackers are typically designed as compact and versatile devices for lifting and transferring materials. It includes several main components:
Frame: The frame is the main structure of the stacker and is usually made of heavy-duty metal or aluminum. It provides stability and support for lifting and carrying loads.
Forks: Forks are used to lift and guide loads. They are made of sturdy metal and are adjustable in width to accommodate different load sizes. Forks may also have tapered ends to facilitate access to pallets.
Hydraulic system: Hydraulics are responsible for raising and lowering the forks. It includes hydraulic cylinders, pumps and management valves. Hydraulic cylinders are usually made of steel and are capable of withstanding heavy loads. The pump generates hydraulic pressure, while the management valve allows the operator to control the lifting and lowering actions.
SDDJS Move smoothly Compact size Manual stacker
Handle/Control Mechanism: The stacker is manually operated by the operator, who controls the movement using the handle. Handles are usually ergonomically designed and made of durable materials, including metal or rubber, for comfortable operation.
Wheels: The manual hydraulic stacker is equipped with wheels for easy movement. They usually have a large diameter steering wheel at the front and a smaller diameter load wheel at the rear. Wheels are typically made from durable materials like polyurethane or nylon for smooth rolling and resistance to wear and tear.
Brake: In order to ensure a certain balance and avoid accidental movement, rail-type hydraulic stackers are often equipped with a braking structure. These can include foot pedal brakes or hand brakes that engage the wheels to prevent rolling.
In terms of materials commonly used in production, the main components of manual hydraulic forklifts are usually made of metal, aluminum, or a combination of both. These materials have the durability, energy and structural integrity to withstand heavy loads and can be used together in different commercial environments.

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